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Posted by Enrico on Jun 24, 2017

This article has been conceived for companies that have not yet collaborated with freelancers but would like to know more about why they should use independent workers and how they can achieve this.

The main reasons for working with freelancers

The following scenarios are well known by companies and are the main reasons for working with a freelancer.

  • Sudden or sporadic increases in workload
    This situation typically happens when a company has won a contract and needs to execute it fast.
  • Needing specific expertise for a specific task
    This arises when an important project is ‘stuck’ because an important skill is missing.
  • A temporary solution to a recruiting issue
    Freelancers can be used to, temporarily, fill the gap left by the sudden departure of a key employee.

An increase in workload, the need for specific expertise not available internally… today, every company can solve these issues by finding qualified freelancers.

The added value of freelancers lies in their flexibility, expertise, and industry knowledge, but also in their ability to bring an external view. Their incorporation in a team will permanently boost the skills of all team members.

Many businesses are transitioning into the digital era; it is also becoming common to invest in freelancers, since they represent the dynamism of the new economy. In a way, they bring the innovation and power of startups to you.

Working with freelancers is profitable

Working with freelancers means less paperwork. You pay them a fixed amount per day (or per hour) and you avoid all surprises. Freelancers do not need to be paid for holidays and do not have other, hidden costs.

The investment is also profitable in terms of your company’s stock of skills and competences, since you are integrating them into your team. Freelancers bring their own domain expertise and dynamism and your business benefits from this.

The freelancers you hire are aligned with your objectives, since their reputation and future employability depend on your feedback on their work at the end of the mission.

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