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We assist you define the scope of your project and we help you set up the team you need.

Free consultation

Not sure what you are after? let us help you define the scope of your project and save money working with the freelancers you really need.

No service fees

No extra costs for clients. We are paid by our hoplancers for the business we refer to them.

Total control

Stay in control of the whole project process - from procurement to payment. We can also integrate with your existing systems.

Flexible and scalable

Get the flexibility you need. Scale your team up (or down) without additional costs or delays.

How it works

We act as your technology advisor and the 20,000 freelancers on Hoplance provide you with the skills you need to take your project to the next level.


Tell us what you need

Simply tell us what you need by posting a new project request. It takes 2 minutes. And we'll help you save money by better defining the scope of the project.


We'll source a solution

We'll put you in contact with short-listed freelancers with the appropriate experience. You can connect with them directly. No engagement.


Manage payments

Pay safely per hour or per milestone depending on agreed terms (rates, start date, deliverables, approach etc.) and according to scheduled goals.


Create your team

Leave feedback and reviews. Save freelancers to your Hoplance Team for future projects. Develop lasting relationships.

Hoplance is all about customer support

Please contact us if you need guidance scoping your project or defining the technology you need, or any other question you may have.

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