About Hoplance

When and why did the journey started?

The journey started in late 2012, when Enrico Tam was bootstrapping his first business in the tech consulting field. He realized that businesses have three main options to find the skills they need to keep growing. First, they can check their network, but this can be time-consuming and ineffective due to the limited reach. Then, they can try online talent marketplaces, but these often promote controversial practices, such as bidding on price, which drive high-quality professionals away. Finally, clients can try to appoint local agencies, but this is much more expensive due to the overheads of these companies.

While it is common practice to accept this situation, Enrico decided that businesses and professionals deserve a better framework through which to connect. And this is when he started working on Hoplance!

We believe that businesses and skilled professionals deserve a faster, better, and fairer way to connect. We are committed to making this happen.

What do we do?

Founded in 2015, Hoplance is a professional network that matches selected companies with-high quality professionals. We’ve taken out everything that doesn’t matter in the traditional contracting business, replaced it with technology, and focused on what’s important - the way skilled professionals and reputable clients connect and work together.

Hoplance is crafted by a team of people who are freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners themselves – we are using our own product to build our company!

Investing in us?

Currently in "beta", we are concentrating on building commercial relationships and an active marketplace around the 10,000 professional freelancers in our network and the listed companies and startups we deal with in Australia before expanding into international markets such as Asia, Europe and North America.

If you would like to receive updates regarding future investment opportunities, please get in touch.