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We provide short-term projects from reputable companies for your idle workforce


Digital Marketing Manager / Startup booster

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Frontend Web Developer, Mentor and Bootcamp Instructor

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CTO at GUROOS, Solution Architect, Senior Developer, customer-facing consultant

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Founder & CEO

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Senior Software Engineer


Strategic Marketing Specialist

Your idle workforce will be in good company

Are you a company with underutilized workforce? Join us! It's free.


Create employee profiles

This is the opportunity to showcase their areas of expertise and set their project preferences.


Find new contracts

You'll start receiving suited project opportunities for your idle workforce as soon as their profile is validated.


Agree terms and get paid

Clients either contract and pay you directly OR Hoplance will facilitate payments with our simple invoicing tool.


Update availability

Easily nominate when your underutilized staff are available and what kind of projects they can work on.

Hoplance is all about customer support

Please contact us if you need guidance scoping your project or defining the technology you need, or any other question you may have.

Find project opportunities for your underutilized workforce

No under-cutting

We let you negotiate the terms and requirements with the client directly.

Guaranteed privacy

Nobody will know that your workforce is available unless you want it.

Secure and confidential

Rest easy knowing your proprietary information is reliably protected.

Flexible commitment

You decide and customize when your underutilized workforce is available.

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