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Posted by Enrico on Jul 24, 2017

Thanks to online freelance marketplaces, it is now easier to find and hire freelancers. Two main approaches exist when looking for freelancers.

The cost approach

This is the logic of public bids, whereby a project is posted online and freelancers bid for it. It comes down to putting all the freelancers in competition with a reverse auction on the execution price. You receive bids from a number of freelancers and the price will be the main criterion of selection.

Offshore is the most cost-effective way to hire  freelancers. The issue is that the best freelancers - both local and offshore - are not present on those platforms, where the rate is characterized by a race to the bottom.

The quality approach

Quality is our approach. At Jobcombinator, no project is publicly visible and the client has two options:

  • Freelancer search
    You can use the Jobcombinator search tool to look for the right freelancer to hire. You can decide the price/quality ratio and hire the freelancer you need. On average, a client engages in conversations with five freelancers before making a final choice.
  • Private jobs
    You can post a private project request and we notify only those freelancers in the right location and with the appropriate skills. This means that only relevant freelancers will be able to bid for your projects, resulting in a much higher-quality marketplace.
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