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    Founder Datafloq - Speaker on Big Data, Blockchain, IoT and Di...

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (0 km away)

    • Virtual Reality (VR)
    • Innovation Consulting
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Data Science
    • Blockchain
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
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    Founder of Datafloq, named global top 10 Big Data influencer, keynote speaker on Big Data, Blockchain, IoT and disruptive innovations. ... (continued)

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    Senior sub-editor

    Sydney, Australia (0 km away)

    • Virtual Reality (VR)
    • Image Editing
    • Visual Design
    • Article Writing
    • Academic Writing
    • Text Editing
    • Graphic Design
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    I have more than 30 years' experience as a writer, editor and print designer in Australia and Thailand. I have many years' experience a... (continued)



    Freelance Virtual Reality & Digital Designer

    Sydney (0 km away)

    • Virtual Reality (VR)
    • Visual Design
    • Web Design
    • User Interface (UI)
    • User Experience (UX)
    • Graphic Design
    • + ...

    Virtual reality will accelerate our creative and intellectual development, remove boundaries created by materialistic thinking and enco... (continued)