Junior Android - AngularJS Developer

Based in MedellĂ­n, Antioquia, Colombia

5 projects listed

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Max distance

0 kms


40 hours/week

"Please contact me with your requirements so that we can discuss the details and I can send you a proposal."

About me  

I'm a colombian software developer who is just starting his working environment. The only thing I want the most is to learn a lot so I can grow up as a developer and learn about how to write beautiful code. I love programming and I think all people should learn about coding It basically teach you how to solve problems no matter if is in real life or in a program.
I'm not expecting to make a lot of money from here, as I told before, my main goal is to learn and be a better professional.

Main expertise

Android is what I love to do and the technology I know the most.
I've always worked with Java so I'm close to the language and I also know in a medium level JavaScript and AngularJS.

My biggest achievement and my soft skills

Team work is essentially my non-technical quality, I love working with other people and learn from them. There is always someone who knows how to do things better and cooler and when you learn that from someone you just get richer in a personal way.

My interests

  • Freelancing
  • Fulltime work
  • Being a cofounder
  • Remote work
  • Probono work

Industries I worked in

  • News & Media
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Health Care

Companies I worked for

AllCode, Garulink, Own project

Experience, education and endorsements

Languages, expertises and skills

  • English
  • Spanish

  • Web, Mobile & Software Development

  • Android
  • 4 pt.
  • Android Studio
  • 4 pt.
  • Android App Development
  • 4 pt.
  • AngularJS
  • JavaScript
  • Java
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