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Aspiring programmer currently working in support

Based in Roswell, GA, United States

Works at BrightLink

1 project listed
1 endorsement

Approximate rate


Max distance

5 kms


10 hours/week

"Please contact me with your requirements so that we can discuss the details and I can send you a proposal."

About me  

I currently work as technical support specialist for a software company in Georgia. I've taught myself HTML, CSS and jQuery using sites like codeschool.com, codecademy.com and w3schools.com. I've also learned python from these sites, as well as from "Learn Python the Hard Way". I'm currently working on a portfolio of website and python projects.

Main expertise

I'm the most comfortable with HTML, CSS, and jQuery, but have a preference for frameworks, especially Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation.

My biggest achievement and my soft skills

I'm a very quick learner. I work hard and put as much effort I can in to making sure that I do the best I can.

My interests

  • Freelancing
  • Remote work

Industries I worked in

  • Computing

Companies I worked for

Southern Boulevard Dental

Experience, education and endorsements

Languages, expertises and skills

  • HTML5
  • 1 pt.
  • CSS3
  • 1 pt.
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Zurb Foundation
  • Python
  • jQuery


  • "He does excellent work. Because this is his first project it sometimes takes a little longer than he anticipated."

    by Mindy
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