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Frontend Web Developer, Mentor and Bootcamp Instructor

Based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Works at Macquarie Bank and Thinkful.com

1 project listed

Approximate rate


Max distance



10 hours/week

"Please contact me with your requirements so that we can discuss the details and I can send you a proposal."

About me  

I love to develop software that is helpful, pleasurable to use and ultimately useful. My objective is to always improve on my last application. I develop for the web and for iOS.

My other passion is to communicate best practice to 'budding' developers. Rather than teach a language, I would rather communicate principles that you can apply to every project.

I'm currently running Codecamps for 11-16 year olds. If you are interested then please take a look at www.nexgencodecamp.com.au

Main expertise

I specialise in Front end development with Javascript, CSS and HTML. I have great UI/UX skills and have developed many complex web application.

My biggest achievement and my soft skills

I am a good team worker, creative, friendly and I believe an asset to any project.

My interests

  • Freelancing
  • Remote work
  • Probono work

Industries I worked in

  • Banking

Companies I worked for

Macquarie Bank

Experience, education and endorsements

Languages, expertises and skills

  • English

  • Consulting
  • Web/Mobile Design & UI/UX
  • Web, Mobile & Software Development

  • Liferay
  • 5 pt.
  • Wireframing
  • 5 pt.
  • HTML5
  • 5 pt.
  • CSS3
  • 5 pt.
  • JavaScript
  • 5 pt.
  • Comet
  • jQuery UI
  • jQuery Mobile
  • jQuery
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Node.js
  • User Experience (UX)
  • GUI Design
  • Git
  • SVN
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