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IT Senior Manager in Bank BRI, expert in web scraping, automation and notification

Based in Depok, West Java, Indonesia

Works at BANK BRI

2 projects listed

Approximate rate


Max distance

200 kms


5 hours/week

"Please contact me with your requirements so that we can discuss the details and I can send you a proposal."

About me  

I am a constant life-long learner with hacker's mentality that there is a real world problem to overcome.

A corporate title of Senior Manager, doesn't stop me to be the developer of the innovation I want to see.

Within my working experience, I have always been able to execute ideas into reality.

Looking forward to the opportunity to solve real world problems using Python.

Main expertise

I am expert at web scraping and web automation in Python.

My biggest achievement and my soft skills

I am an inquisitive innovative person, who had a never ending curiosity and believe that there's always room for improvement in this world.

My interests

  • Freelancing
  • Being a cofounder
  • Remote work
  • Probono work

Industries I worked in

  • Banking

Companies I worked for

Own project

Experience, education and endorsements

Languages, expertises and skills

  • English
  • Indonesian

  • Consulting
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Leading & Management

  • Python
  • 1 pt.
  • Lua
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