Web app graphic design for Real Estate Analytics

Posted by Larry     Remote
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  • Web Design

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Our idea:

No two real estate listings are the same... making it IMPOSSIBLE for buyers and renters to know how much a given home SHOULD cost. We've created a model powered by listing data, transactions, locale crime and livability data, and much more to accurately assess the value of a given listing. This model is going to power our web-app where buyers and renters can search based on the DIFFERENCE between the LISTED price and what it SHOULD cost - allowing them to find THE BEST deals.

Our need: to design the version one of this web app!! It will be a simple, one view screen with listings shown on the left, a map with pins on the right, and search/filter options on the top. We have completed all the requirements docs and details and are now in need of graphic designs so that I can implement them to create our web app :)


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